Atlanta Music Project

Music for Social Change

Our Mission:
To inspire social change by providing Atlanta?s underserved youth the opportunity to learn and perform music in orchestras and choirs.

Founded in 2010, the Atlanta Music Project provides intense music education for underserved youth right in their neighborhood.

The Atlanta Music Project Street Team

The AMP Street Team is a group of volunteers who contribute their time and talents to make sure each concert and event goes smoothly. With the help of the AMP Street Team, the Young Artists of AMP are able to reach their full potential by delivering amazing performances all over the City of Atlanta. And of course, the best part of being a member of the AMP Street Team is getting to know the Young Artists and watching them perform onstage!

As a member of the AMP Street Team, you can make a difference in many different ways, depending on your availability and talents. Every little bit helps! Here are just some of the ways you can give to AMP as a member of the AMP Street Team:


How It Works

We will schedule performances with as much advance notice as possible. We will then evaluate how many drivers and other street team members we will need. We will broadcast the event to the team with pertinent information including dates, times, how many drivers and team members needed, etc. Each team member can volunteer based on availability.

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I'm Ready To Go!
What Do I Need To Do?

First and foremost, we can?t express how much we appreciate your desire to volunteer. With your help, the quality of musical training each child receives will truly make a difference in their lives, in their community and in the City of Atlanta. We will contact you to review everything that we need to do collectively to get you ready to go.

Register here to be a member
of the AMP Street Team!


Background Check & Confidentiality

Though we do not need this information until you have completed the registration form and we have spoken to you, The Atlanta Music Project requires any volunteer to complete a police background check prior to interaction with AMP?s Young Artists. AMP guarantees that any information provided by you will be held in the strictest confidence. Click here to view the agreement that AMP will enter into with you regarding your personal information.

The background check is easy to obtain. Click here for a list of locations around the city where you can obtain a background check. We suggest you call the location first to make sure you know what to bring with you, where to go, and hours of operation.



Thank you again for considering becoming a member of the AMP Street Team. If you have any questions about AMP, forms or the AMP Street Team, don?t hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your interest in helping us to fulfill our mission to inspire social change through music.